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For more than half a century, Bee Line Cable has provided high quality cable television service to the communities of central Maine. Recently, we completed the installation of more than 300 miles of fiber optic cable, enabling us to offer our customers High-Speed Internet service and Digital Phone Service, which features unlimited long distance calling throughout the United States and Canada.

We serve the Central Maine communities of:

History of Bee Line Cable

Owen Hannigan began his cable TV career in 1954 in Houlton Maine with a partner. The original cable TV system started with only three channels. In 1965 the partnership dissolved and the Houlton cable system was sold. Hannigan used the proceeds of the sale to buy out other existing stockholders of Bee Line Cable. Bee Line owned a franchise to provide cable TV service to Millinocket. In 1965 Hannigan built the cable system serving Millinocket and expanded it to serve East Millinocket in 1968. In 1975 Bee Line acquired cable systems in Anson, Farmington, Madison, and Skowhegan. The Wilton cable system was added in 1977 and the Industry system in 1998.

In 1980 Bee Line was one of the first cable systems in Maine to erect a satellite dish, which enabled Bee Line to provide programming from all over the country to its customer base. In 1990 Owen Hannigan and Ted Turner were inducted into the Cable TV Pioneer's Club for their contributions to the industry.

The business is still managed by the Hannigan family. Paul Hannigan (Owen's son) resides in Holden Maine and is the President of Bee Line Cable. Since 2002 Bee Line Cable has hung more than 300 miles of fiber optic cable throughout its service areas in order to provide its customers with high speed internet and digital phone service in addition to the traditional cable services. Since its inception Bee Line Cable has been a pioneer in the cable business and continues to provide cutting edge technology to its customer base in the towns it serves.
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